#itIsNotTooLate - Seagrass beds

Zostera Marina, Zostera Noltei, Cymodocea Nodosa, their significance for the fish world and the overall ecosystem of the three seas basin

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Types of the seagrass flowers of the Karin and Novigrad seas basin

The project of three NGO


The #itIsNotToolate Seagrass Beds project is a finalist of the New European Bauhaus Champions 2024 in category Reconnecting with nature.

The #itIsNotToolate Seagrass Beds project is a finalist of the New European Bauhaus Champions 2024 in category Reconnecting with nature.

We invite you to vote on the New European Bauhaus platform until March 27 to support the project in winning…
How the art installation "See Glass Again" was created?

How the art installation "See Glass Again" was created?

Near the road to the village of Lončari (Karin Gornji), on the path leading to the River Bijela canyon, there…
Held eco campaign - #itisnottoolate River Bijela 2023

Held eco campaign - #itisnottoolate River Bijela 2023

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Activity plan

International Public Call for Artists and Art Collectives "ON ACCEPTING THE UNDESIRABLE"

Submit your application before November 15th, 2022. or inform your friends whose idea the jury will reward with a residency and a money reward, and the production of this important artistic intervention.

International public competition for artists and art collectives to apply for project ideas, which will create an art installation from collected waste in the area of ​​the flags of the three seas. This will permanently point out the humans negative influence on nature.
Where River Zrmanja touches the sea
The Zrmanja Ecological Association on Saturday the 25th June, organizes a volunteer action to clean up the seagrass bed. Collected and separated glass waste will be used as an artistic resource of public invitation "ON ACCEPTING THE UNDESIRABLE".
Beginning of monitoring of seagrass beds
The 20,000-mile research team of the Society of Sea Explorers will start monitoring seagrass floweres during a three-day stay in the Karina and Novigrad Seas. At the same time, we will do an aerial drone observation of the Karina Sea.
Socio-cultural workshop
Socio-cultural workshop where interested candidates of the competition "ON ACCEPTING THE UNDESIRABLE" will be able to familiarize themselves with the specifics of the cultural and natural location. The workshop will be held from October 7-9, 2022. in Karin and Lončari.
River Bijela #ItIsNotTooLate
The Association for Encouraging Environmental Protection, Nature Conservation and Promotion of Sustainable Development and Tourism "Lončari" from Gornji Karin, on Saturday 08th October organizing a volunteer action to clean the western approach to the source of the River Bijela. The collected and separated glass will be used as an artistic resource of public invitation "ON ACCEPTING THE UNDESIRABLE" .
Within the project, through an international public call and an expert jury we will choose the project of artists, whose work will most adequately meet certain criteria: communication with natural and social context, involving specific phenomena and problems of location with idea where he encourages movement and acquaintance with nature, as well as sensibility towards the population and nature.
Selected and awarded Artist or Collective
The art installation will use the collected waste from the location, the experience of people who worked together on waste collection, fishing tradition and culture related to fishing heritage, and the natural and cultural heritage of this area as elements for the creation of work.
Presentation of the selected project
As part of the project and the international competition “On Accepting The Undesirable” the winning work was chosen, the installation called “See glass again” by Dodd Holsapple (USA). In September and October of this year, Holsapple will become the eleventh resident of the sub-Velebit village of Lončari - Karin Gornji, where he will be provided with accommodation and food. There, he will work on an art installation for the creation of which he will use more than a ton and a half of glass that was collected in two volunteer eco-actions to clean the canyon of the River Bijela in 2020. and 2022. year.
Saturday, 19th June 2022.
9 a.m., Saturday, 25th June 2022.
Saturday, 25th June 2022.
7-9 october, 2022
Saturday 8th October 2022
Wednesday, 15th November 2022
Wednesday, 15th December 2022
April, 2023
The deadline for applying for the tender has expired