#itIsNotTooLate - Seagrass bedsZostera marina, Zostera noltei and Cymodocea nodosa, their importance for the fish world and the overall ecosystem of the three seas.

In amount of 189.220,49 HRK obtained through the FLAG Three Seas tender for the selection of the project Measures 2.1. support for the valuation, protection and promotion of the natural resource base – rivers, seas and coasts within the implementation of the Local Development Strategy in fisheries FLAG Three Seas for the period 2014-2020.

The NGO Lončari project consists of a full range of activities from volunteer cleaning actions, through research work, to art installation and multilingual internet presentation. Project partners are The Zrmanja Ecological Association and the Marine Explorers Society 20.000 leagues. Through this project we will permanently remove a significant part of pollution from the basin of the Zrmanja and Bijela rivers, support the importance of seagrass beads of the Karin Sea consisting of seagrass flowers: Zostera marina, Zostra noltei, Cymodocea nodosa. Finally, to acquaint locals and tourists with the values ​​of these seagrass beds for the ecosystem and the quality of life of fish and other inhabitants of the sea area of ​​the FLAG Three Seas.

The winning work of the international competition “On Accepting The Undesirable”, the installation called “See glass again” by Dodd Holsapple (USA), was presented at OPG-u Pueblo Escondido in Lončarima.

In September and October this year, Holsapple will become the eleventh resident of that place, where he will work on an art installation for the creation of which he will use more than a ton and a half of glass that was collected in two volunteer eco-actions to clean the canyon of the River Bijela in 2020. and 2022. year.

Also at May Day action of arranging the eastern approach to the canyon of the River Bijela which organized by the Paklenica Sports-Climbing Club, The Lončari Association
and the Marking Section of the PD Paklenica.

The entire project will be shown via internet presentation, photo-video documentations, to promote the values and importance of the LAGUR Three Seas aquaculture area and the Natura 2000 areas.

Project of three non-profit associations:


Public international call for artists and artistic collectives

2 Eco Actions

It’s not too late! We are conducting two public eco-actions, on the rivers of the Karin and Novigrad Sea basins.

Where River Zrmanja touches the sea 2022.

River Bijela 2022.

Research work

Through research work with the the Marine Explorers Society 20.000 leagues, we will support the importance of the seagrass beds of the Karin Sea, which consist of sea flowers: Zostera marina, Zostra noltei, Cymodocea nodosa.

We will map the habitats of seagrass beds in the Karin Sea, and publish a document with the results of the research.

Art installation

We will use the collected waste from the locations, the experience of people working together on waste collection, and the natural and cultural heritage of this area, which will be used as an element for the creation of work.

International Public Call for Artists and Art Collectives "ON ACCEPTING THE UNDESIRABLE"

Submit your application before November 15th, 2022. or inform your friends whose idea the jury will reward with a residency and a money reward, and the production of this important artistic intervention.