A May Day event was held in the canyon of the River Bijela

More than 80 volunteers took part in the action of arranging the eastern approach to the canyon of the River Bijela, which took place on the 29th April organized by the Paklenica Sports-Climbing Club, The Lončari Association and the Marking Section of the PD Paklenica.

The May Day get-together in Karin Gornji resulted in three newly installed climbing routes and one kilometer of renewed and marked trail leading to the River Bijela.

The old road used by the locals of Lončar to get water from the source of Bijela got a new look.

After an afternoon filled with sports and recreational activities in the canyon, at OPG Pueblo Escondido in Lončari, there was a presentation of Dodd Holsapple’s installation, which was chosen as the winning work of the international competition “On Accepting the Undesirable”.

Hundreds of people who gathered in Lončari had the opportunity to buy products from local producers, and the whole event was completed by the performance of the group Antenat, Selektor duo Flico & Kiwi and DJ After Neven.

They participated: Sports-Climbing Club Paklenica; Markacist Section PD Paklenica; Lončari Association; The Nature of Jader Public institution for the management of protected areas of nature in Zadar Country; Zadarko, web & graphic design print; Art organization Teatro Verrdi; Association Vizura Aperta; Ecological Association of Zrmanja, Association Karin Resort; OPG Pueblo Escondido, FERAL-TOURS D.O.O., Tomo Župan with an excavator in the newly installed Table Natura 2000.

The event is part of the project „#itIsNotTooLate – Seagrass beds: Zostera marina, Zostera noltei and Cymodocea nodosa, their significance for fish life and the overall ecosystem of the three seas area“.

The project was approved through the Three Seas FLAG competition under Measure 2.1. Support for the evaluation, protection and promotion of the natural resource base – rivers, seas and coasts” in order to implement activities removal of waste/pollution located in the watershed, mapping the state of seagrass surfaces and making people aware of their footprint on natural resources with the aim of valorizing and protecting seagrass as a source of marine life and with the aim of raising the quality of life of the fish stock.

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