Workshop "ON ACCEPTING THE UNDESIRABLE" 06. - 09. 10. 2022. Marko Ercegović: About a youth Opening of the exhibition On Accepting The Undesirable08.10. 2022. at 7 p.m .participating Vlasta Žanić, Marko Marković, Boris Burić, Kata Mijatović, Zoran Pavelić, Marko Ercegović and Andrea Tarašcurator Davorka PerićLocation: OPG Pueblo Escondido - village...

Start of project implementation ID_F3M-421-03

We inform you that we have launched the implementation of the Project named #itIsNotTooLate – Seagrass beds, co-financed within the framework of the FLAG Competition 2.l., "Support for the evaluation, protection and promotion of the natural resource base - rivers, seas and coasts" of LAGUR, "Three seas".