Held eco campaign IT’S NOT TOO LATE River Bijela 2022.

More than 120 volunteers, activists and nature lovers took part in the environmental action of cleaning up waste, which took place on Saturday 8th October in the canyon of River Bijela next to Karin Gornji.

Volunteer action in which more than ten trucks of garbage were collected   is part of the program ITS NOT TOO LATE River Bijela 2022, whose maintenance started the evening before, on Friday, the 7th. October with a workshop on the social transformation of the Zadar hinterland led by the Italian designer Francesco Cavalli at the OPG Pueblo Escondido in Lončari. .   Guido Racinelli from Adria Think D.o.o.  presented the project“Design in Town” –  International summer design camp for high school students in cooperation with an Italian partner “Good Design”, which has been running this camp successfully for 7 years in the Italian region of Puglia, which will be launched in Karina in 2024.

After Saturday’s action, the socializing of the participants continued again in Lončari, where later the SKD Prosvjeta exhibition by curator Davorka Perić “On Accepting the Undesirable” was held, and in addition to the sports and recreation program and the market of local OPG producers, a performance was held by the band Jeboton, Kali fat DUB and DJ KL Audio.

About the program:

This year’s campaign to clean the environment of the River Bijela, which was held for the first time two years ago, has grown into a real small festival of ecology and art in this edition. 

On the first day of the event, on Friday, more than 50 people took part in a workshop where Cavalli talked about the transformation of Milan’s NoLo neighborhood after that part of the city, which had been neglected and left to decay, was given that very name.

 In the discussion that followed Cavalli’s lecture, participants drew parallels between the examples NoLo  and the hinterland of Zadar, and discussed topics that are essential for the sustainable development of Bukovica and Ravni Kotar. 

The following day, on Saturday, the participants managed to collect more than 500 kilograms of glass, which will serve as the material from which the artist, who is currently wanted through an international call, will make an installation, that is, an intervention in the space that should be created during his stay in Karin.

The gathering later continued with the exhibition of SKD Prosvjet, which is part of the exhibition in Lončari  artists Vlasta Žanić, Marko Marković, Boris Burić, Kata Mijatović, Zoran Pavelić, Marko Ercegović and Andrea Taraš presented their works. At the same time, visitors could buy local products from local producers and enjoy a dinner prepared by the Climbing Section of PD Paklenica. The evening ended with a performance   Jebotona , Kali fat DUB-a and DJ-a KL Audio

Ecological action is part of the project „#itIsNotTooLate – Seagrass beds: Zostera marina, Zostera noltei i Cymodocea nodosa, their significance for fish life and the overall ecosystem of the three seas area”, as part of which at the end of June 2022. also held an environmental campaign to clean up the River Zrmanja.

The project   was approved through the Three Seas FLAG competition under Measure 2.1. Support for the evaluation, protection and promotion of the natural resource base – rivers, seas and coasts” in order to implement activities  removal of waste/pollution located in the watershed, mapping the state of seagrass surfaces and making people aware of their footprint on natural resources with the aim of valorizing and protecting seagrass as a source of marine life and with the aim of raising the quality of life of the fish stock. The project is co-financed by the European Union from the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund. The total funds allocated to the project amount to 189.000,00 HRK.

Organization and production of artistic and sports-recreational programs  participated PD Paklenica Climbing Section, Lončari Association, SKD Prosvjeta, Teatro Verrdi Association, Vizura Aperta Association, Eko Zrmanja Association, Karin Resort Association, MO Karin Gornji, OPG Pueblo Escondido, “Bubo Bubo” with food from OPG Due di Denari, Restaurant Bistro Ivan, Restaurant Dalmacija and Tomo Župan.

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