Questions and Answers competition “On accepting undesirable”

Dear all due to your messages that reached us we have decided to publish some questions and some answers. 

We hope that helps you in the definition of your project and participation.

We wish good luck to everyone.


IR: Hello, I would like to have some information on the announcement, is it possible to have a floor plan or photos for the place where the installation will be placed?

Is it possible to excavate the site and use unnatural materials for the structure, such as concrete, iron, plexiglass? Will it be possible to have tools or helpers? Thank you


Regarding materials, if you need for the structure, yes.   You can use concrete, iron is natural material, plexiglass also you can use. Note you have around 1,5 tone of glass collected. Regard location it will be possible the place in the nature where we have collected glass in public actions

We have a voluntary network and people that would love to help artist on production, just make notes on the support you will require. In your project just make notes on the support you will require Also it can be defined on second step of project  if the project is selected.   Note that feasibility of the project is one of the criteria of evaluation.

The location you can see in photos  where people collect glass. We do not have dimensions but it has wider and smaller spaces and it is the road that leads to the canyon of the river Bijela.


Hello, I’m a contemporary artist from Georgia. Interested in your residency program, would be glad to receive any information about application.

Thank you


Residency program is for the moment related to actual call for artists. We will expand this program in the future and keep you and the art community posted on this.

On this link you could find all necessary information about competition and what do you need for an application.

This Call for Artists”ON ACCEPTING THE UNDESIRABLE” is related to project selection. The selected artist will stay at the Puablo Escondido residence for a one month or the time needed to produce the project, and will receive a monetary award for his work.

Good luck with your project!



I am considering applying for your fascinating open call! 

However, I could not find any information on where the intervention/sculpture could be placed. Is this still open to debate or are there a few options? Furthermore, what tools do you have on-site? I look forward to hearing back from you so I can send an accurate proposal. 

all the best from Berlin. 


The sculpture could be placed probably at the same place where we have collected glass in public eco actions. The place called from climbing community “glass road”. Now we have removed glass

We have on site woodworking combined tools, stoneworking tools and metalworking tools.

About other tools it depends on project and we may engage also external labs if project require it.

Good luck with your project!



I wanted to ask if the final work that we present  our end goal in formal terms, would be presented in an outdoors or indoors situation  or if this is depending on the artwork and at discretion of the artist

Thank you very much


it would be an external, possibly same place . where we have collected glass in public eco actions

The place is called from climbing community “glass road” Now we have removed glass good luck with your project!



I have a question about the call “ON ACCEPTING THE UNDESIRABLE”. Deadline is 15.11 and you write about a workshop from 7. to 9. october 2022. 

Does it mean that I missed the workshop or it’s going to be in 2023?



you have missed a workshop but it is not mandatory.

We are accepting project ideas until 15.11.2022.

Workshop was more public preparation for the art.

We will update this news block  sorry for inconvenience.

see here the news

Looking forward on getting your proposal

Best regards

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